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We are getting many questions, if our dentists at Arie Dental Clinic in Lodz speak English. We are glad to inform you that all our dentists speak English and can communicate with you during dental procedures to explain the treatment plan and answer any questions you have. Apart from English speaking dentist in Lodz, we also provide registration in English (prefferably first by e-mail:

dental caries treatment of both deciduous and permanent teeth

extraction of primary and secondary teeth, wisom teeth extraction, A-PRF and I-PRF treatment, surgical removal of various changes in the mucosa of the oral cavity
in-office whitening with Philips ZOOM lamp and take-home whitening treatment
dental implants, guided bone regeneration, bone grafts and biomaterials augmentation,

Experienced dentists in Arie Dental Clinic in Łódź will provide you with a comfortable treatment. Modern equipment and effective anaesthesia allow us to carry out medical procedures without pain or discomfort.

All registration forms and treatment consents are in English, for you to be aware of the treatment plan and well informed throught the whole treatment process. We do our best to make you feel comfortable during your visits, as we know that the language barrier can be stressful while undergoing medical procedures.

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In Arie Dental Clinic we offer:

consultations with dentists and specialists listed below,
conservative treatment – dental caries treatment of both deciduous and permanent teeth, scaling & polishing of the teeth, ICON treatment – removal of white stains on the teeth,
endodontics – root canal treatment and re-treatment, also using the microscope and ultrasonic method,
teeth whitening – in-office whitening with Philips ZOOM lamp and take-home whitening treatment,
dental prosthodontics – for example: porcelain and composite veneers, porcelain and composite crowns, dental night guard, dentures, inlays and onlays, bridgework,
dental surgery – extraction of primary and secondary teeth, wisom teeth extraction, A-PRF and I-PRF treatment, guided bone regeneration, bone grafts and biomaterials augmentation, surgical removal of various changes in the mucosa of the oral cavity,
dental implants.

In Arie Dental Clinic you can book a visit to one of the specialists below:

– dental surgery specialist (maxillo-facial surgeon) – dr Katarzyna Bogusiak,
– prosthodontics specialist – dr Rafał Nogala and lek.dent. Agnieszka Antoszczuk.

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English speaking dentist in Lodz – Conservative dentistry.

First of all, in Arie Dental Clinic we believe that it is better to prevent than treat invasively. We strongly encourage to visit your dentist regularly to detect any dental problem as soon as possible. If it is too late, for a simple check-up, our dentists treat dental caries delicately but effectively. If needed, they can also teach you how to take care of your teeth to avoid the dental caries development.

Endodontics and root canal re-treatment.

When it is too late for the conservative treatment, we proceed with root canal therapy. Our endodontist (root canal specialist) steps in when the pulp of the tooth is infected. This kind of treatment eliminates the infection and protects the decontaminated tooth from future microbial invasion. It sometimes requires more than one visit in the dental facility.

Some patients experience pain in the tooth after root canal therapy (for example after a few years). As endodontics is a complicated and complex treatment, it may not succeed 100%. Sometimes the root canals may be filled incorrectly or an instrument can be left in the canal causing discomfort or infection. In this case a root canal re-treatment must be performed. It usually has a very high rate of success and may be the best option to preserve your tooth. The procedure is similar to a standard root canal treatment but consists of a few extra steps. Usually it requires at least 2 visits in the dental facility. During the first visit a removal of all root canal filling materials and placement of an antibacterial paste is performed. The tooth is closed with a temporary filling material, so that the antibiotic medicament could reduce the number of bacteria and let the tooth heal. During the second visit the paste is removed and the  canals are once again cleaned and a new root canal filling is placed.

For the more advanced and problematic cases our endodontist uses a microscope or ultrasonic treatment.
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English speaking dentist in Lodz – Teeth whitening/bleaching.

Teeth whitening with ZOOM lamp

In Arie Dental Clinic we want to use only reliable methods, so we trust in teeth whitening system based on Philips ZOOM lamp. So far 10 milion people have used this treatment, what makes Philips ZOOM lamp most frequently recommended within doctors and patients all over the world.

Teeth whitening should be executed in a professional dental clinic because of concentrated gel used during the procedure. Without expert knowledge whitening simply isn’t safe, even the one performed at beauty salons.

You should be prepared for a 2 hour long visit in Arie Dental Clinic. If you are not sure about your teeths’ condition you should also book a check-up appointment, because you can only whiten healthy teeth.

Overlay Whitening

Overlay Whitening is a whitening method which takes longer than ZOOM lamp whitening. In the dental clinic we collect a dental impression and based on it we produce an individual dental overlay. After collecting the overlay and whitening gels from the dental clinic, you can start the whitening process at home. It is safe to whiten teeth at home, because speciments used in overlay whitening have lower concentration of active substances.

Before you start the whitening process, you need to precisely brush your teeth. Then apply the whitening gel inside the impression.Please follow doctor’s orders concerning the amount of gel, because in this case more doesn’t mean better. You can leave an overlay with the gel for around 4 hours in your mouth. You should use the overlay once a day for around 10 days. While whitening your teeth it is crucial to start a „white diet”.

„White diet” after whitening

The „white diet” consist of white products, without any dyes. For instance: rice, chicken, fish, white bread, white cheese, milk, yoghurts (not those with fruits because fruits also have dyes), potatoes, white fruit like bananas, pears, apples (without the peel). When it comes to drinking, only water is right.

You shouldn’t eat colorful fruit and vegetables, drink red wine, tea or coffee (even one with milk in it). It is also forbidden to smoke! It is very important to eat like this through the whole whitening treatment and a few days later.

If you want the whitening effect to be as strong as possible, you can consider combining the two types of whitening treatments. First you undergo the ZOOM lamp whitening process and then continue the whitening with an overlay. If all steps are followed correctly, the overall effect will be truly satisfying!

English speaking dentist in Lodz – Prosthodontics.

A highly qualified doctor (prosthodontics specialist) in Arie Dental Clinic will help you with your dental problems for example after teeth extractions. Our clinic can provide you with prothetics like composite crown, porcelain crown, half-ceramic crown, porcelain veneers, composite inlay and onlay, post-and-core,  dental night guard, acrylic denture, elastic denture, partial denture and bridgework. We also offer the possibility of fixing the denture, adding a tooth to the denture and relining the denture.

English speaking dentist in Lodz – Dental sugery.

We also provide services of a dental surgeon. A qualified doctor will be able to extract teeth – both primary and permanent. We also manage removal of wisdom teeth, extractions with chiselling, abscess incision, exposing unerupted teeth, root resection, treatment of bone cysts and abscesses, undercutting of lip’s or tongue’s frenulums. You can undergo treatments involving bone grafting and bone regeneration biomaterials, guided tissue regeneration, taking biopsies for a histopathological examination, removal of sebaceous cyst, removal of fibromas and other changes in the skin and mucosa and A-PRF treatment.

For the extraction procedures we use the most common and modern techniques and high-class materials and anesthetics. That is why the treatment is painless and effective.

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